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Big Mouth was conceived by Kepa Big Mouth in Bilbao in 2006, like a punk/rock band geared toward that rock 'n' roll classic sounds, with punk influence. He, with Alberto Martín, and some occasional bass players, recorded the first album of the band, Letters For A Princess, in Zombee Records. This album was produced by Big Mouth and Juan Luis Cordero.
Shortly after, the band just died. Kepa Big Mouth was playing in another bands, and in one of them he met who later will be called Iñaki Big Mouth.
In 2012, Kepa decided to revive Big Mouth and, to do this, he called Iñaki,  and together, they began to prepare the second album of the band,We Have No Time. For that, they contacted Xabier Intxaurza, bass player who played in bands more oriented to other styles. With that formation, the band confines itself in Mr. Thief Records for recording the album at its own risk, being its own producer, sound designer, mastering designer, graphic designer, disc manufacturer, etc.; and the project was completed in april 2014.
Following the same philosophy, by the end of 2014, Big Mouth confines itself again in Xiklig Records, for recording T-Rex On My Back, its third album, that began in april 2015. During the tour, Xabier decides to leave the band to begin his own adventure without Big Mouth, and he is replaced by Javier Verdú, who will finish the tour and with which they will record their fourth album, The Smoke Seller, in 2017
After the departure of Javier from the band, Xabi Big Mouth becomes part of the family, which he is an old friend and collaborator of the band, who takes charge of the bass and with whom they are currently preparing their fifth album..
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KEPA BIG MOUTH: Guitar and vocals
XABI BIG MOUTH: Bass guitar
IÑAKI BIG MOUTH: Drums and vocals