KEPA BIG MOUTH: Guitar and vocals
JAVI BIG MOUTH: Bass guitar
IÑAKI BIG MOUTH: Drums and vocals
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Big Mouth was conceived by Kepa, in Bilbao in 2006, as a punk 'n' roll band geared oriented towards classic rock 'n' roll sounds, with punk influence. After the recording of their first album, Letters For A Princess (Zombee Records, 2006), the band dissolves.
After a few years of break, the band meets again, with Iñaki and Xabi as new members. With that formation, they establish themselves as a band and record We Have No Time (Xiklig Records, 2014) and T-Rex On My Back (Xiklig Records, 2015).
With 3 albums behind them and a big number of concerts, Xabi leaves Big Mouth to focus on his own projects. Without getting a fixed bass player to replace him, Big Mouth releases his fourth album The Smoke Seller (Xiklig Records, 2017), and his fifth and last to date, The Attack On The Thin-Skinned Planet (Xiklig Records, 2019).
In the presentation of The Attack On The Thin-Skinned PlanetJavi joins the band and, with a complete and stable formation, they begin their current stage of live presentation of their new album, with its rough and raw sound live that He has characterized Big Mouth throughout his career.