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R'N'R Thunder
Ugly Duck Surf
Nothing Can Stop Us
Letters For A Princess
Today I Don't Wanna Go To Work
My Moon Silver
My Brain Is Out
We Have No Time
Summer Lost
Run, My Little Girl
Hey! Mr. Thief
Her Face Is All Around
When You're Surfing
Smokin' Green Sheeb
Big Mouth Radio
She Was Punk
Grimace Pain
I Don't Wanna Lose My Brain
We Don't Care
Welcome To The Trash
I Will Come Back
(To The Nuthouse Tomorrow)
Sick City
Girls & Birds
No Looking Back
T-Rex On Your Back
Tribute Gang
Lose The Control
Leave Me Alone
Broken Bones
The Animal Was Here
Part Of Me
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Pick Your Poison
Broken Toys
The Last Flame
The Smoke Seller
My Chainsaw
Under The Weight Of A Stone
Am I Being...?
Tin Foil Hat
Like Tears In Rain
No Man's Land
May Go To Hell